St Ann shocked by JP's murder


January 04, 2017

Persons in St Ann and the wider Jamaica have reacted with shock and anger at the brutal murder of senior Justice of the Peace (JP), 82-year-old Colin Corrodus, at his home in Epworth in the parish on Monday night.

Four gunmen invaded the home around 8 p.m. and robbed the JP and businessman of his service pistol before killing him.

The gunmen also gun-butted his wife, Beverly, who was admitted to the St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital on Monday night and released yesterday.

Corrodus was a businessman, who operated Colvil Construction and Hardware in Great Pond, Ocho Rios and Epworth.

The police have since apprehended one man in connection with the murder.

stark reminder

Describing the shooting as a "moment of darkness," Justice Minister Delroy Chuck said the "murder in his own home is yet another stark reminder of the urgency that confronts the people and Government of Jamaica, to urgently and unrelentlessly address the twin evil of crime and violence in the country."

Meanwhile, Custos of St Ann Norma Walters, has described the murder as "really shocking".

Walters said Corrodus, who is brother of Custos of St James, Ewan Corrodus, was a JP since 1997 and played an integral part in the St Ann Justice of the Peace Association.

"It befuddles our minds that something like this continues to happen. We're really in mourning here," Walter said.

Members of the Malvern Park Pen community in Davis Town, a community adjoining Epworth, have also weighed in on the incident.

"I am disgusted with the way how people treat humanity. The year just started, and it's a robbery, and yet they had to kill him. Mi nuh like it," one female resident told THE STAR.

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