MALE STRIPPERS ATTACKED AT FREAKY PARTY — Promoter apologises for absence of crazy sex games


January 05, 2017
Ian Allen/Photographer Promoter Kevin 'Bad Xsample' Simpson

Promoter Kevin 'Bad Xsample' Simpson said she wants to apologise to patrons at his recently held event, dubbed 'Adult Swim: The Ultimate Erotic Party', for an unfortunate ordeal which might have left some attendants disappointed.

He explained that on the night of the December 26 event, which promised crazy sex acts, a group of about 20 men that he described as thugs, entered the New Kingston venue and began hurling threats and insults at some male strippers, causing them to abandon their performance.

"I was over occupied, so I didn't get to stand up and watch fully wah a gwaan, but me see them [male strippers] performance cut short," Bad Xsample said, while explaining that the performance only lasted for about 30 minutes, as opposed to the scheduled hour.

get threats

"Me need fi make the fans know it wasn't my fault," Bad Xsample said. "After the man them come in, the male strippers a complain to me say when them did a perform, them did a get threats from the same man them."

He said he could not convince the male dancers to go on stage after the ordeal.

Klymaxxx, one of the male exotic dancers who attended the event, said he was too afraid to continue performing.

"The man dem at the party say that them nuh want no male strippers, so I couldn't get to perform that night. Them claim to say we are 'fish' [homosexuals] and all of that is based on how we try to look entertaining to the ladies with our costume and we style," Klymaxxx explained.

was shirtless

"I was wearing a purple costume. It was a tights material, from my things to my foot, and it has cords in it. I was shirtless, and I had on a cape. Some guys had a problem saying these men are freaky boys," the erotic dancer added.

Though the event did not progress as planned, Bad Xsample said it eventually turned out well, as the male dancers continued to engage in offstage games with interested female patrons.

"At the end of the event, a lot of people were saying the show promised more than it give. But it was just a series of things that were out of my control. I want the word to spread that it wasn't really my fault" Bad Xsample said.

He added that at the next staging of Adult Swim, there will be tighter security to ensure that there are no disruptions.

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