High school boys shun Pepsi since 'Equal Rights'

June 02, 2017


High school boys say they have turned their backs on popular soda Pepsi and also bag juice, since dancehall artiste Ishawna made reference to both products in her raunchy song 'Equal Rights'.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that since the song garnered much debate across the country and worldwide, boys attending at least one Corporate Area school have shunned the products in their canteen.

If found consuming either of the aforementioned beverages, according to students interviewed by THE WEEKEND STAR, you set up yourself to be ridiculed by your peers.

"Yea man a real thing, and is not our school alone. Every school it a gwaan from weh day. Is not Pepsi alone either ... all bag juice a feel it," a student told THE WEEKEND STAR, much to the amusement of his friends.


No longer taboo


One of the students told THE WEEKEND STAR that he usually enjoys Pepsi.

"A really the song why mi stop drink dem thing deh still," he admitted.

The song's impact on the consumption of Pepsi and bag juice however had no bearing on adults THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to.

According to a group of warders at a location in Kingston, oral sex is no longer taboo and they still consume Pepsi.

"One time gone man would a vex and want to war yuh if you mek reference to him a do dem thing deh. Right now man tek it make joke. Me still drink my Pepsi. Is either you do or you don't, so you nah fi feel nuh way bout it," one told THE WEEKEND STAR.

A shopkeeper in the east Kingston area said people don't drink Pepsi as often as they used to.

"But I don't think it has anything to do with the song. Or maybe (it does), I don't know, but me have it a sell," she said.

Another vendor in central Kingston said people have other choices but some still ask for Pepsi.

"Dem joke bout it still mi nah go tell nuh lie because of the song. It nah sell hard. If a man want him rum, him go wid the Boom still," he said.

When contacted, the management at the popular Lama Wholesale and Aunt Jenny's Wholesale outlets, told THE WEEKEND STAR that they have not seen any specific trend stemming from the controversy of the song.

Checks by our news team with Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Bottling Company Ltd to see if the euphoria around the song had any impact on the production and or sales did not immediately unearth any findings.

THE WEEKEND STAR email its queries on request, however up to press time there was no official response.

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