MoBay 'shotta' living in fear

July 04, 2017


Violent gang rivalries in MoBay, has left at least one 'shotta' fearing for his life and those of his loved ones.

James Bond*, from a well-known inner city community in MoBay, told THE WESTERN STAR he started the gangster life in Grade 11.

"Suh true mi start par wid some yute yah now and deh round dem and dem have dem ting and mi have access to it so mi just seh cho, and mi tek on di badniss," he said.

The peace treaty that existed between his gang and another was broken about a year ago over accusations his group stole a rival's car.

"We a play loodi one day and dem just come and shoot up di place and mi likkle bredda and mi uncle get shot and two elderly man," he recalled.

There have been multiple shootings since, the most recent left one of his rivals in hospital.

Bond said he wants to stop the dangerous life, become a chef and open his own restaurant.

"Mi have mi certificate from HEART too and dem call mi fi come do the next level ina the programme and mi a think bout it," he said. "But same time mi pree seh it not even mek no sense because yuh haffi memba seh yuh do somebody and dem family supm already enuhh. So dem ago come fi yuh and mi haffi protect myself and mi family."

Bond said that in order to stay alive he has to remain alert at all times.

"Mi haffi keep mi guard up and keep mi ting pon mi everyday and gwaan look outta mi eye dem. Yuh cyaa lef yuhself careless." he said.

*Name changed to protect identity

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