Residents grateful for $10-million road repairs

October 17, 2017
Victor Wright

Residents of Bunkers Hill, Dromily and Cockburn Pen in Trelawny should have better roads to traverse on in the not-too- distant future, as $10 million has been allotted from the nation's coffers to carry out much-needed road repairs in these communities.

The roads, were in a state of significant disrepair for a long time as Trelawny Municipal Corporation (TMC) and the National Works Agency (NWA) haggled over which body was responsible for carrying out the repairs.

Recognising the plight of the residents, Victor Wright, the member of parliament (MP) for Northern Trelawny, decided that he would take on the responsibility.

"It was a constant battle to decide who was responsible for the repairing of the road, as the TMC and the NWA kept pointing fingers at each other," said Wright, who is a first-term MP.

"On seeing the plight of the residents, I have decided to do what I can to improve the quality of the road."

He continued: "The Cockburn Pen road is now complete. It is a new piece of road, which opens a corridor for a newly established community. In the case of the Bunkers Hill to Dromily road, this will be done in three stages."

For an investor who recently opened a tourist attraction in the Bunkers Hill community, the repair to the road could not have come at a better time, as they are currently marketing the facility in the hope of becoming a major attraction, especially for cruise ship passengers, who come to Falmouth weekly.

For Melvin Jarrett, a resident of Bunkers Hill, the new road should open the door to new opportunities for additional investors to come into their community and hopefully create more employment opportunities for the residents.

"We welcome the roadwork. It is long overdue," said Jarrett. "It will provide employment opportunities for many and the spin-off will trickle down for the overall benefit of the community."

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