Woman grabs $30,000 worth of goods in shopping spree

November 30, 2017
Verona Duffus, winner of the Coca-Cola/General Food shopping spree stands with Akalia Grant, cashier who encouraged her to enter.

Verona Duffus is the first winner of the Coca-Cola shopping spree hosted by General Food Supermarket located in Liguanea Plaza, St Andrew.

The 58-year-old woman had the staff and a few shoppers running through the aisles yesterday morning, screaming as they gave her support.

Customers qualify for the shopping spree by purchasing two or more two-litre bottles of Coca-Cola. Customers have one minute to race through the aisles and pack $30,000 worth of groceries in a shopping cart. Duffus turned up for the challenge dressed in sneakers.

"The entry was put in last Friday when I came to buy groceries only because the cashier encouraged me to, and when I received the call I did not even remember anything about it," Duffus said.

Duffus, who is originally from Long Hill, St Catherine but lives in the Liguanea area, made certain to pick up ham, sugar and cooking oil.

"Christmas a come enuh so I focus on picking up the things we would need, especially the meat. It is a pity I never get to reach the rice," she said.

Duffus picked up $30,589.78 worth of goods. She was not required to pay the difference.

One onlooker said Duffus could probably teach a track athlete a thing or two about multitasking while running hurdles.

Garry Chuck, general manager of General Food, said the supermarket will stage other competitions over the festive season.

"Christmas is a special time of the year, especially for Jamaicans. We are still at our core a Christian country, but everybody needs some vibes during the season," Chuck said.

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