The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Miami Vice shirt was my best gift, says Ding Dong

December 25, 2017
Ding Dong
Ding Dong

Dancehall deejay Ding Dong recalls his fondest holiday memory quite foggily, but it remains the most prominent.

Though his Christmas memory does not follow the stereotypical granted wish of a top-of-the-line toy, Ding Dong recalls a trip to Hope Gardens dressed in what he believed was his finest attire.

"I can't remember if is mi grandmadda, or if is mi auntie buy it ... . I don't remember. But I think is mi grandmadda buy matching outfits for me and mi cousin two Miami Vice shirt. She carry wi up a Hope Gardens when mi a baby. We nuh get toys dem time deh toys woulda be waste a money," said Ding Dong, who grew up with his aunt and grandmother in Nannyville, St Andrew.

"We can never get a toy our toys was toy truck we make off record. There was a record factory off Swallowfield, so we used to get the records from there to get the wheels."

Growing up poor and having to 'hustle' from a tender age, Ding Dong revealed that it wasn't uncommon for him and his peers to make their own skates for their entertainment.

But this Christmas, the deejay has no plans beyond work and more work.

"I'm just a workaholic - whatever chance I can get - but I want to be around loved ones. I don't plan anything. Just the feeling of family and loved ones and friends is what I want, and to make sure my kids are all right, and them get what them want," he told THE STAR.

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