Happy to finally have a home

January 18, 2018
Jazzelle Francis strikes a pose in front of her new home.
Jazzelle Francis is all smiles as she stands outside her home with her two kids.
Jazzelle Francis' neighbour will also get a house from Food For The Poor today.

Two years ago, Jazzelle Francis’ worst nightmare became a reality when her home was burnt to the ground.

But now the 21-year-old woman is jumping for joy because Food For The Poor has given her somewhere to call her home.

She is not the only one who is elated, as another family from Rum Lane in Kingston who lost their house in that same dreadful fire will also receive a home.

Francis, a mother of two, told THE STAR that she is very happy that at least one house has arrived, and she is looking forward to the next one which is scheduled to arrive today.


“Me feel really good right now, plus me have inside bathroom and everything. We get table, we get stove, me just happy,” she said.

Francis said that after the house burnt down, she felt weary because she was not seeing any progress being made in terms of getting a new home, even though she had applied for it.

“Me feel good when me see dem come cause me did a call and a wonder if dem never did a come, enuh. When me see the material come and me see the foundation start, me feel good.

Then me get the call last night fi seh the house a come today [yesterday]. Me just go call me cousin fi chop down di tree weh did inna d way,” she said, smiling.

Francis said that living with family members had its challenges, and she is very happy that she now has something that belongs to her.

“It did hard. It did rough cause when you live inna people house yuh see dem a move ‘cumooging’, like them no longer want you there. Me really happy to have somewhere to call my own,” she told THE STAR

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