I just eat macaroni - Cliff Twang said he never heard of Internet sensation

March 23, 2018
Clifton 'Cliff Twang' Brown

During the peak of his popularity, Clifton 'Cliff Twang' Brown was a man in high demand, appearing on a number of events.

Now seven years after he became popular, another name, 'Macaroni', has been widely used on the Internet. The man behind the name, Patrick Harris, also made an appearance in Parliament during Prime Minister Andrew Holness' budget presentation.

Rapturous applause greeted Macaroni when he was introduced in the Lower House on Tuesday, but Cliff Twang said he has never heard of him.

"Mi nuh have nuh knowledge about him. Mi only know the macaroni weh mi buy a shop and cook it and nyam with some tin mackerel and dem supm deh," Cliff Twang said.




In a separate issue, seven years ago, Cliff Twang said one of the gatherings he attended was at a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) meeting in Christiana, Manchester, during the 2011 election campaign.

He said the arrangement was for him to be flown from Jamaica House to Christiana and then back again.

Cliff Twang said he would be paid to speak at the meeting to drum up support for a JLP candidate for $200,000.

But when he returned to Kingston, he said that he only received half of the money and ended up suing an influential member of the party to get his money.

He said that it was only last month that he received the balance but without any interest.

"But the court mek a order now weh mi fi get pay wid interest because from 2011 to now, mi a wait ova seven years," he said.

Despite the court action, Cliff Twang said he still has a good relationship with the politician.

But when THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the politician, he said he had no knowledge of what Cliff Twang was talking about.

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