Capleton's lawyer blazes investigators

May 15, 2018
Christopher Townsend
Capleton greets supporters outside the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court after being granted bail yesterday.
Christopher Townsend

Though pleased that his bail application yesterday for high-profile client Capleton was successful, attorney Christopher Townsend is blasting investigators at Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) over what he calls tardiness.

Townsend told reporters outside the courtroom that CISOCA made a mess of the investigation.

"They went to the scene, and they were told certain things that contradicted the complainant's account. They should have taken statements from those witnesses and present it to the authorities, [and] certainly persons in higher command, so that a proper decision can be taken as it relates to the investigation moving forward," Townsend said.

The attorney told THE STAR that there is an active investigation against the woman in question.

"There is in fact a parallel investigation against this young lady for attempting to extort money from the artiste," Townsend said.




According to the lawyer, voice notes were sent to Capleton as part of the extortion process.

"We have those voice notes, and I have been contacted by police investigators who have requested that we turn over all documentation, the voice notes and WhatsApp messages to them in furtherance of their investigation," he said.

Townsend further told THE STAR that he does not believe his client should have been charged in the first place.

"I don't believe that he should have been charged at all. I do believe in my client's innocence, and certainly if the investigation was done properly, they would have seen the major flaws that are coming to the fore," he said.

THE STAR gathered that Capleton made a report to the police about the incidents before his arrest.

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