Community fears young shottas ... Teen, cousin injured in gun attack


September 11, 2018

Gordon Crescent, located in the sometimes volatile community of Granville in St James, is on edge, with residents bound to a 'mandatory' code of silence after a 15-year-old schoolgirl and her 24-year-old cousin were shot and injured at their home on Sunday evening.

The Granville police confirmed that a man is now hospitalised after being shot multiple times by three men who alighted from a silver motor car and opened fire, then sped off. The schoolgirl was also grazed with a bullet.

Gordon Crescent was deserted when The WESTERN STAR arrived yesterday, with few residents braving the uneasy atmosphere to take their children to school.

"I have lived here nearly 50 years and a the nuffest gunshot me ever hear fire yesterday evening [Sunday]," said one man.

"I was in my bed reading my Sunday paper when I hear about 70 rounds of shots, 'bududup, bududup, bududup'. I said to my wife, somebody dead out there, but luckily nobody up to now (Monday) not dead," he said. "Right now the whole place tense, you nuh see how the place look? I was walking down the road just now and I am afraid."

He said there is an ongoing war in the area.

"The man them have some guns travelling with, you can't believe. Everybody says it's lotto scam, that's where the bad mind thing come from," he said.

The parents of the victims could not be found, and no one had a contact number for them.

However, an uncle of the two victims related his experience during the attack.


"A the nuffest gunshots I hear and when I look, I see one silver car drive off with three men inna it," he recalls. "When I go dung inna the yard, a mi nephew me see inna blood, four shot him get," he said.

He added: "A some little youth deh shoot up the place, the last time they did shoot and kill a man in the yard, him bury about a month ago. Mi hear say the youth them send a voice note over the phone, threatening that anytime they pass on this street, anybody them see after certain hours, they are going to shoot. "

However, the uncle is adamant that his nephew was not involved in wrongdoing.

"Him sell in his mother shop," he said. "Is a youth that don't come out a road for purpose, from 10 a.m. him in the shop till when shop close."

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