Slain pastor described as inspiration to others

September 22, 2018
James Johnson

Pastor James Johnson, the man who was murdered in the Church of God of Prophecy in Old Harbour, St Catherine, has been described as a "motivator and an inspiration to others."

Johnson was teaching a Bible class about 5 p.m. when a lone gunman came in and shot him.

Sadly, it seems Johnson might have known his fate based on a Twitter post he made on August 28.

"Even as I fight to stay alive, I'm reminded that there is hope in the Lord. If I ever prematurely leave, my heart is at peace and I know I'm going to a better place. I'm of the view that I've fulfilled my purpose," he said.

Still shocked by the news of his death, Winston Leith, national overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy in Jamaica, said: "He was a very brilliant young man, kind and full of humour. He loved the Lord passionately and his church. For a young man his age, he was a motivator and an inspiration to others."

Johnson, who hails from Red Hills in North Clarendon, was also known by pastor of the Free Town Church of God of Prophecy, Zebulah Aiken, who herself lives in North Clarendon.

She said she has known him for many years and has come to see him like a son.

Commenting on her interactions with him she describes his friendliness, his being easy to talk to, and how he makes one feel comfortable around him.

"When you go to the office, he greets you very friendly. He is a person that you can talk to, you are really comfortable around a young man like that. Very energetic when it comes on to the work of the Lord, and whatever you ask him to do, once it is in his power, he is going to be able to help you," she said.

"It's taking a hard toll on all of us. We still are yet to recover from the shock of what took place," Aiken added.

Bishop William Hutchinson, overseer for Clarendon South Church of God of Prophecy, said yesterday was a "dark day" for the church.

"James was a well-rounded minister. He was a lecturer and there are students from my area who are severely affected because he was their teacher. His loss has created a void which will not be easily filled," Hutchinson said.

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