Woman seeks millions to help Alecia fight cancer

October 17, 2018
Dolmina Mills flanked by her grandnieces Alecia (left) and Alesha Mills.

It has been a difficult journey for Dolmina Mills since she took responsibility of her twin grandnieces - Alesha and Alecia Nelson, but today she is thankful for the outpouring of love she has been receiving.

Since her story was carried on Wednesday, July 25, in The Gleaner, Mills said she has had reason to smile.

The twins' father, Conroy Nelson, was brutally gunned down at his home in Effortville on September 19, 2016. Shortly after taking the girls in, Mills discovered that Alecia, also called Jonelle, had cancer.

Mills said Alecia has done the chemotherapy and now has a bone transplant to be done in Cuba.

"Her twin sibling is her perfect match, and once more, I am calling for help that she can do the surgery," Mills said, adding that it will cost $11 million to get it done.

"It is insurmountable at this point, but I never thought I would get this far. I live in hope and faith that she will get the transplant done and she will get to live a normal life once more," she said.

Mills has been relying on the goodness of persons to assist young Alecia fight cancer.

"It has been wonderful the way others have reached out to me with assistance, and there are those who took the time out to pray with us and offered encouraging words," Mills said.

Mills said her heart is full and she cannot even find the words to thank those who have made her burden lighter.

Among the entities that have stepped up to assist Mills are the CHASE Fund, Wright Image, and Appliance Traders, who presented her with a brand new washing machine after being touched by her story.

Funds can be lodged to Dolmina Mills account 10199325, serviced at Jamaica National, May Pen Branch. Mills can be contacted at 876-783-6531 or 876-588-4610.

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