Cop loses leg in freak accident - Injured policeman insists he will remain in the force

February 21, 2019
Police Constable Kemar Brown recovering in hospital.
Police Constable Kemar Brown recovering in hospital.
Constable Kemar Brown
Constable Kemar Brown

Kemar Brown, a 38-year-old police constable, who lost one of his legs in a freak accident on Saturday, is confident that he will be able to return to his job as a law enforcement officer.

"I will be able to move around, I will still do normal duties. I will be on the road, driving and patrolling and doing stop checks and all these things. I will still be wearing my uniform. It's my job, and I love it. I am a crime fighter. I'm a very frisky and busy policeman, and I've always wanted to be a policeman," he said.

Brown is stationed at the Asia Police Station in Manchester, and has been in the Jamaica Constabulary Force for 17 years.

He was at a friend's house in Gravel Hill, Clarendon, when the accident happened.

"Mi and my friend at his house a cut some fence post fi fence up him yard. I was using a chop saw, and it bounce off the wood I was cutting, and grab up mi pants. And it has sharp blades and the blades was spinning, suh it reel up mi pants and it pull the saw on to my foot," he said

"My main artery was damaged beyond repair, and my knee bone was cut, suh dem nuh have no choice but to cut off my leg to save my life," he added


Noting that it was a terrible ordeal, Brown said he was able to get through it because of his strong support system.

"I'm recovering well. The May Pen Hospital staff has worked tirelessly to save my life. I have a lot of family and colleague support, especially my wife and my sister," he said

And although he admits that life will change, he said he would remain resilient.

"I am a very active person, I work very hard, I am used to moving about. I know that one leg is going to slow me down, but it's not going to stop me. I've accepted it. (But) I'm finding ways and means to move around," he said

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