Funeral home blamed after man’s body decomposes

February 22, 2019
Vincent Clark
Contributed Vincent Clark

When Audrey Clark received news that her father, 73-year-old Vincent Clark, had died at his home in Ginger House district in Portland, she was devastated.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that her father, who lives alone, was found dead on January 14.

"They found him in the house - door was opened, no wounds or anything. He had a little bruise on his toe. They called the police, and the police said they had to do an autopsy because he was found on the floor," she said

She said that the body was stored at a funeral home in St Ann for a month, before being transferred to another funeral home in St Catherine on Wednesday for the autopsy.

Clark, who lives in the UK, said that her relatives went to the funeral home, but they were appalled at the condition the body was in.

"When they went there and saw the body, it was wrapped in a bloody sheet. Even though he had no wounds, his mouth was open. He went in there with his dentures in, and he came out without a denture. The skin of his face was totally ripped off, the skin on his ears is ripped off, the skin on his shoulder and on his back is ripped off, and he smells so bad," she said


"His face is so black, it's like a statue, like it's been burnt. But his body is a normal colour," she added.

She said the family called the funeral home for an explanation but none has been forthcoming.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the funeral home, the manager was unwilling to speak on record.

Meanwhile, Clark said that the family will no longer be able to have an open casket funeral as was originally planned.

"Our family is torn apart. We wanted to have an open casket to give him a good send-off, so everyone could say their final goodbyes and see him looking the way we know he looked. But for this to happen, and we don't even know if we can have an open casket, it's very hurtful," she said

Clark said the autopsy revealed that her father died of a heart attack. She said that the family has since moved his body to a private funeral home in St Catherine. The funeral will take place in March.

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