Pastors encourage tweeting in church

March 15, 2019

The impulse to tweet or make a post on social media has become natural for many people. And many can't suppress this urge not even in church.

But while some may argue that there's a time and a place for everything, at least two pastors in the Corporate Area believe that the congregation using social media while in church is acceptable.

Aston Carlyle, pastor at Webster Memorial Church in Kingston, pointed out that although some people find this distracting, he encourages his members to tweet.

"I dont think I'm in a position to say whether or not it's a problem. My members are encouraged to tweet if they find it meaningful. Some people may find it distracting, but it's not like it's a situation where they're tweeting the whole sermon," he said.

He said the Church is doing itself a favour by embracing the new technology, especially as it seeks to target millennials.

"The Bible is a technology, too, an improvement on scrolls. Many people see the cell phone as an extension of themselves," he said. "I believe that a day will come when we will not have a large Bible on the platform, we'll have a large tablet. As a matter of fact, consider the word 'tablet' a play on words. Moses received the 10 Commandments on tablets, so God is god of technology," he added.

Meanwhile, Father Sean Major-Campbell, rector of Christ Church in Kingston, admits that he, too, encourges his members to share online what is happening or being said in church.

But he said that this can be distracting.

"Some cons would include the temptations to become distracted, especially for youth who are glued to their screens otherwise," he said.

Campbell said it's Christians' responsibility to use these techologies responsibly.

"Our task is to use them wisely. Anything can be an instrument of the devil. The Bible has been an instrument of the devil whenever it has been used to encourage slavery and racism and other crimes against humanity. Some Christians have been excellent instruments of the devil. Look at those child molesters and rapists," he said.

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