Comrade breaks leg on campaign trail

April 12, 2019

Popular People's National Party (PNP) social media blogger Junior Socrates broke his left leg while on the campaign trail for the recent by-election in East Portland.

Socrates told THE WEEKEND STAR that he got the injury the Friday before the April 4 election, when a motorist drove her car into a group of Comrades.

"The party had a lyme out in Breastwork. While there, I was walking back down towards my car with my cousin, and a lady saw all the Comrades on the street and was trying to push her way through. Then, she suddenly got a little bit impatient and just press the gas. I was walking near the sidewalk, and she hit me over in the gutter and ran over my foot. It got broken in two places," he said.

When Socrates spoke with THE WEEKEND STAR on Wednesday, he was in the hospital waiting to go into surgery to put a plate and a pin in his leg.

He said that even though she took him to the hospital, her overall behaviour has turned him off.

"I haven't heard a word from her, nor receive any financial help, so I just turn it over to my lawyer," he said.

But the 54-year-old said that his injury did not slow him down, as he was back on the campaign trail soon after.

"The next day, I was on the road, driving around and using crutches, to get the message across," he said.

And although the PNP's Damion Crawford lost the election to the Jamaica Labour Party's Ann-Marie Vaz, Socrates said that he will remain loyal, especially since his party reached out to him after the incident.

"I was born into a PNP family, the PNP is my family, and I stand with my political family, win or lose," he said.

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