Port Royal residents looking forward to SeaWalk

April 16, 2019

Residents of Port Royal are looking forward to the new life the development of a cruise port terminal in town by the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) is expected to breathe into the otherwise quiet town.

When THE STAR visited Port Royal last week, construction was observed at the Old Cold Wharf, where the SeaWalk, the first step in this development, will be installed.

Howard Miller, a fisherman and construction worker, shared his excitement with the development.

"This is very important to the community. For years now, we've been wanting this kind of development. And with this coming in, you know seh there is more money to get around in the community," he said.

Miller said that the town has been actively preparing to take advantage of the boost in tourism that it expects to get.

"When it come on to tourism, our creative skills going to come into place. And we getting some training going over at the maritime institute fi who can get a skill towards dat. They offer craft training, and drawing, and other things, to prepare for the tourism that's coming," he said.

Tony, a shop owner, said he's looking forward to his business growing.

"Is a good look - more investments, more jobs. And mi know seh this development also good fi mi, mek mi uplift my place more, probably bigger, cause mi know the market weh a come. Mi looking forward to it. Is a bright way," he said.

"It will also give the youths dem a chance fi interact and socialise wid different people," he added

Jerome, a fruit vendor in the town, although he's a little concerned that the development will disrupt the peace of Port Royal, is hopeful that the employment level among the youth will rise.

"A whole heap a people over here nuh have nothing fi do. Suh wi go be betta dan how wi stay now," he said.

The creation of the SeaWalk in Port Royal will open up opportunities for cruise ships to visit this fascinating destination.

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