Murdered teen was a respectful young man

May 08, 2019
Margaret Morgan mourns for her son.
Cleon Morgan

Cleon MorganResidents of Flora Sea in Seaview Gardens are still in disbelief over the gruesome killing of 15-year-old Cleon Morgan.

Morgan was reportedly stabbed to death in the neighbouring Yellow Sea Drive area on his way from school on Monday afternoon.

When THE STAR visited his home yesterday, a crowd had gathered, trying to bring comfort to his grieving 60-year-old mother, Margaret Morgan.

But their intention was betrayed as members of the crowd periodically broke out in tears as they shared memories of him, and they too needed to be comforted.

The common sentiment was that Cleon was a respectful young man, and loved by the community. Also, his tiny frame did not prevent him for standing up for others.

“One ole lady tell mi one time, Miss Margaret, this ya likkle bwoy ya, yuh know some pickney a trouble mi, and Cleon tek dem on. Cleon seh: ‘Uno leave the old lady alone!’ She seh Miss Margaret, a my bwoy dis,” his mother shared.

“Nobody cya dis him mother, him mother a him pride and joy. Anybody Cleon see wid bag a come, Cleon go tek it outta dem hand, one lady all seh all when the bag light Cleon tek it from me,” another resident added.

His mother told THE STAR that she was making arrangements for him to travel to the United States this summer.

“Mi a plan fi send him up fi di summer; him bredda seh him nah go mek him come back. A just school mi did a wait pon fi lock fi send him weh, cause him have him visa,” she cried.

Morgan said she would have left Jamaica today to seek medical treatment in the US, and was making preparations for that.

Tragic news

She was home waiting for her youngest son to come home from school, when she received the tragic news.

“Mi go town yesterday (Monday) morning go buy some breadfruit, and inna di evening, mi know seh him soon come, mi look di wood dem. Mi a seh mi a wait till Cleon come fi roast di breadfruit dem fi mi. And when mi go inna di bathroom, mi hear somebody bawl out seh: ‘Woi, a Cleon!’. Mi hear seh dem lay wait him and stab him, and dem stab him all inna him yeye,” she said.

“Dem butcha mi likkle bwoy. Seven stab dem gi him. Fi wah? Mi nuh know. Him just celebrate him birthday the 15th a last month,” she cried.

His mother said the Penwood High School student had dreams of becoming a pilot, and was also a very eloquent speaker.

“Mi an’ Cleon guh Embassy, a dem almost tek mi visa, and Cleon talk fi mi, till the lady seh you have a very intelligent boy here. When him done talk, she stamp the visa and give the two a wi,” she said. “Mi nuh know how mi a go manage without him; Cleon was mi right hand,” she said.


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