Guard disappears after going for car

May 21, 2019
Javonne Graham

The family of 21-year-old Javonne Graham is seeking the public’s help to find him.

Takay Reid, Graham’s sister, said that he has been missing since Thursday, May 16, after he went to retrieve his car in Mountain View, east Kingston.

“From what we heard, he had a friend that had his car, and he messaged the friend, and the friend was in Portmore, but told him the car was in Mountain View. And him go down there, where the car deh. But from dat night, we don’t hear from him. Him nuh go home. Him just vanish,” she said.

Reid said that Graham’s car was not found.

Under investigation

She said the family reported the matter to the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

The police confirmed receiving a report on the incident and told THE STAR that the matter is currently under investigation. However, they are yet to find any leads.

Reid said Graham is the youngest of three children, and worked as a security guard. He lived with his girlfriend in Hambrook Lane in St Andrew.

She said the family is desperate to find Graham, who she describes as a very caring and ambitious.

“We’re out of it. We’re all close to Javonne. He’s a family man, hard-working. A nuh somebody weh siddung. Right now, him a wait pon call fi start training fi become a warden,” she said.

“A just somebody weh always on the move, weh always a move, a fend fi himself and all a dat,” Reid said.

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