Don’t use sex toys too early, warns expert

June 05, 2019

Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular, and people are becoming more vocal about their use of these gadgets.

Though predominantly geared towards a female market, there are also toys for men, and toys designed for couples to use together.

Nakeeta Archibald, a sales representative at sex toy boutique, Secret Fetish, told THE STAR that a large portion of their clientele are couples and young people.

"We do have couples that shop here. We also have more persons in their 20s coming in, persons from all walks of life," she said.

But sexologist Dr Karen Carpenter said that sex toys were first designed for medical purposes - to be used when there was some sort of sexual dysfunction, which are generally found in older people.

She is warning young couples against depending on these toys alone for sexual pleasure.

"I don't recommend it to young couples because they haven't yet discovered how to please each other without them. I would first want them to be able to find pleasure together. I don't want it to replace the interaction between them," she said.

Important for couples

Carpenter said that it is important for couples to get to know what pleases each other sexually before having sex.

"One of the things that I don't think people discuss often enough is their sexual pleasure. You must discuss sexuality. You have to have the same ideas about sex," she said.

Meanwhile, Dr Alverston Bailey, prominent physician and author of Sex planations: A Guide to Discussing Sex & Sexuality in the Caribbean, said that women should be not be afraid to introduce sex toys to their partners.

"The matter has to be raised delicately with her partner who might feel threatened by the introduction of what he might describe as a battery operated boyfriend (BOB) in the relationship. However, if he agrees to its usage, it might significantly improve the quality of their sexual encounters, and, in fact, can be used as a form of sex play," he said

But Carpenter contends while the sex toys may be more effective in giving the user an orgasm, that is not enough.

"Sexuality satisfaction takes in far more things than reaching an orgasm. So while we recommend these things for reaching an orgasm, it may not be sufficient for sexual satisfaction," she said.

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