SUMMER BODIES ON SALE - Doctors slash cosmetic surgery prices

June 21, 2019
Plastic surgeon Dr Kemel Gajraj has slashed his prices for this summer.
Plastic surgeon Dr Kemel Gajraj has slashed his prices for this summer.

A number of human body shops in Jamaica have discounted their prices for summer sales aimed at getting people through their doors and under their knives for makeovers.

At one Corporate Area medical facility, Ripon Surgi-Centre, the cost for some cosmetic surgeries have been reduced by at least 15 per cent.

Surgeon Dr Kemel Gajraj told THE WEEKEND STAR that a lot of persons - male and females - have been showing interest since the sale was announced earlier this month.

The cost for breast augmentation has been slashed from US$4,000 (J$517,936) to US$3,700 (J$479,091). The cost for liposuction has also been decreased from J$280,000 to J$250,000.

Prices have also been reduced for breast reduction and lift and full body contouring.

The cost of the Brazilian butt lift was also cut by more than US$1,000 (J$129,484) at Prosurgicare Centre. According to plastic surgeon Dr Jan Hochtritt, patients were extremely appreciative of the offer. As a result, another sale may be in the pipeline soon.

"The original price was US$5,500 (J$712,163), and we offered the services for US$4,360 (J$564,551). We have 15 slots, and within two or three weeks, they were filled. It is summer now, so persons are opting to do cosmetic procedures. But what we try to do as well is offer major discounts on the slower season, such as the Christmas season and so on. Our prices are really affordable, and we can guarantee that the results will be suitable," he said.

In addition to the sale, Gajraj said that he has been seeing new clients after their friends get procedures done at his facility.

Breast augmentation

"I continue to see a lot of younger patients, most of whom want to do breast augmentation. A lot of them have seen their friends doing it and get interested. Some of them have had children, and as a result, their breasts have gotten smaller. So, they will come to get a lift to put back some volume in them," he said.

"There are also the older persons, some of whom are in their 60s, who come to us. These are mostly the ones who have very big breasts and want a reduction and a lift."

While some of these procedures have a starting price of at least US$6,500 (J$841,647) in the United States and other countries, persons have the option of remaking their bodies for just under US$4,000 at Ripon Surgi-Centre. According to Gajraj, this is a better option.

"These are cheaper than Miami and Dominica Republic prices. A lot of females think it's better to go to Dominican Republic, but they need to remember that there is a language barrier. They have to remember they don't speak Spanish, and, of course, they need to think about recourse. If something should go wrong, you should be able to go back to your doctor and explain what's wrong. We have been getting a lot of calls. We are doing like two to three procedures per week. Nowadays, we are seeing a lot of patients who are coming from the United States to do their surgery here," Gajraj said.

According to Gajraj, there are no long hospital stays, and within a few hours patients are able to show off their brand new bodies to their friends and family members.

"These are one-day procedures. Technology continues to improve over the years, making these procedures much easier. It is now at the point where you can do a liposuction in three hours, and go back home and go back to work the following day. We can also do it with the use of general anaesthesia. All we have to do is numb the area, and the patient is up and fully aware of what's going on," he said.

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