Man uses WhatsApp to assist job seekers

August 05, 2019
Chareau Small
Chareau Small

Seeing how challenging it was for both skilled and unskilled workers to land a suitable job, customer service representative Chareau Small decided to offer assistance through the WhatsApp group he created called WaGwaanJa .

So far he has assisted more than 300 persons to earn a place in the working world since 2017.

"Being social media savvy, I realised that there are lots of opportunities on the internet and there are a lot of persons who don't know where to look for jobs. So after I found out the information, I wanted to share it. So I created a volunteer service where I broadcast all these opportunities, and so far it has helped hundreds of persons to get jobs and currently there are more than 15,000 members," he said.

Small told THE STAR that he understands first-hand the struggles associated with job hunting as he too was in that spot.

"After I left college, I was trying for years to get proper employment. I was self-employed and ventured into videography for about three years. This is one of the reasons I have this WhatsApp group because I know how frustrating it can be. I feel really good when I broadcast the available posts that I see online and get good feedback from the members of the group," he said.

"This service sometimes benefits persons who are not part of the WhatsApp group, because there are members who will share the job opportunities' advertisements with other relatives who will in turn get a job," Small added.

Even persons who have small businesses can use the group to promote their enterprises.

The customer service representative said this platform would also be beneficiary to his music career in the long run.

The up-and-coming entertainer, who goes by the moniker Versirhyme, is known for singles such as Nuh Normal and Nuh Trust Nobody.

"WaGwaanJa benefits small businesses as well because hairdressers will send me flyers and on a regular day my WhatsApp status will get more than 5,000 views so that's advertisement for them. I also do broadcasts and posts for young entertainers once their lyrical content is decent. It also benefits MPs, pastors, and youth groups," he said.

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