Rasta not willing to hold his position - Hoping to benefit after embarrassing video went viral

August 09, 2019
Steve Richards, the Rastafarian who was beat down by a pastor in Arnett Gardens, St Andrew, last week.
Steve Richards, the Rastafarian who was beat down by a pastor in Arnett Gardens, St Andrew, last week.
Steve Richards
Steve Richards
Pastor Valancy Hawes
Pastor Valancy Hawes

A week ago, Steve Richards was cowering in embarrassment after a video of him being beaten up by a pastor was making rounds on social media.

In the video, Richards is kicked and pinned to the ground by Pastor Valancy Hawes after he threw a substance, later identified to be rum in the pastor's face.

Pastor Hawes was preaching in a section of Arnett Gardens when Richards started taunting him. Before the fight started, Pastor Hawes warned Richards to 'Hol yuh position, satan', but Richards did not heed the warning.

After the video was circulated, Richards became the butt of jokes, and even inspiration for songs. But now he is seeking to turn all the negative attention to something positive, and see how it can benefit him.

"I was a respected person in my community, now mi a celebrity without the money. The people dem a seh, get money, get money," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"The blessing nuh come yet because I'm not reaping any benefits from it. My benefits is my responsibility to my daughters, and if I can't maintain them then I'm not reaping any benefits from it," he added.


The 52-year-old single father of two daughters said he has been unemployed for three weeks now. He said he is especially worried about that now that back to school is coming up.

"I don't know what can come out of it because I need a job to mine my two daughters. I am an electrician, but I do a likkle computer repair, and I drive a taxi," he said.

And having since made peace with the pastor, Richards confessed that he was drunk when he attacked the pastor.

"I partied earlier in the day, and I had too much to drink. If it weren't for too much consumption of the alcoholic, mi and the pastor wouldn't have nothing. I regret consuming too much alcohol that day, but if it hadn't been for that, you wouldn't be here," he said

"This thing shouldn't have happened. My daughters attend a catholic school, and when dem get form a fill wi nuh put no religion. When they ask why no religion, I tell them that we respect every religion. My King seh no matter what religion you profess, we're all spiritual kingsmen and women, and wi must tolerate each other and live side by side," he said.

And although he admits that the negative effects of the video have not completely blown over, he's no longer concentrating on that.

"Mi keep focus, when my problem hits is when I not making money, but otherwise from that, I have no problem," he said.

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