Uptown women buying male service

October 02, 2019

A 'masseur' has disclosed that 'uptown' and career women account for a greater portion of his clientele.

The service provider, Kevin*, said the demand for escort and pleasure services are so great in that community that he and other masseurs he manages are never out of work.

"We go out and give massages, we also use toys to give you pleasure. You can choose which one you want to be used on you. The session lasts for an hour, and it's for $7,000," he said.

But he said if women want a little more than a massage, then that's okay too.

"If you come in and get the service done, and you like the man weh a dweet to you, wi can come pan an agreement. We have instances where ladies will pay us to have sex with them, fi like a $5,000 extra. But we have them sign contracts, and pay the money first before this happens," he said.

He said his clientele includes professional women from middle to high economic backgrounds. And the men he provides are professionals too, with regular day jobs.

Mature persons

Kevin said that although his guys are not professionally trained as masseurs, they "know about the female body and vagina".

"The persons that we have who are doing the massages on these ladies are mature persons who are used to the vagina; they won't even think about doing anything that you don't want," he said.

Kevin said his 'open minded men' are willing to do anything to pleasure their clients, except anal sex.

"From the get-go we mek dem know seh dat is not an option," he said.

He said his services are available 24/7 and are normally done at a motel. But if women want a house call, then his men are available for that as well.

Kevin told THE STAR that so far, business is blooming.

"We never have a bad review yet. People are always recommending us, especially single ladies who are not involved, but who want to let their bodies get 'touch up'," he said.

And although he admits that this makes him money, he said he's also helping many women to discover and embrace their sexuality.

"A lot of women have been through a lot where sex is concerned. Some women get damaged from sex when they were younger, like with rape and so on, so they don't give men a chance to explore their bodies. When I look at all of that, and I have the talent that can do it, I'm basically helping women," he said.

*name changed on request.

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