‘My kidneys are failing’ - Dialysis patient pleads for help to buy medication

October 30, 2019
Nordia Grant is pleading for help to do dialysis.
Nordia Grant is pleading for help to do dialysis.

Nordia Grant is in desperate need of help as both of her kidneys are failing. The physical pain that comes with her illness is exacerbated by the fact that she cannot afford her treatment.

"None of my kidneys are working properly. It affects me a lot because I am not urinating because of the kidney, and they (doctors) are saying now that I have an enlarged liver, and I also have high blood pressure," she told THE STAR.

Grant, 36, said that she was diagnosed with kidney failure in November 2017, and does not have health insurance to help cover the cost of her medication.

"I get some of the medicine from the pharmacy at the hospital, but some of the medicine I have to buy them, and they really cost mi a lot. When I go to the private pharmacy, dem cost $3,000 up, and it's not a full month supply," she said.

Adding to her struggle is the expense of travelling to and from the hospital regularly.


"Every week I have to reach to Montego Bay from Grange Hill, Westmoreland, twice a week for dialysis. It's kinda rough getting back and forth. And to keep on a steady diet, the food stuff that I'm supposed to eat is expensive; food and fruit and stuff like that, they are expensive," she said.

Grant, who lives with her mother and has no children of her own, said she owned and operated a small shop in her community, but business has dwindled since all her funds have to be channelled into her healthcare.

"My body has been changing. I am feeling more pains just outta the blue. I got some blood tests to do and an ultrasound to find out what's going on in the body. I want to get them done soon so I can get the results back to the doctor. The blood test that I'm supposed to do, that's $7,500, and the ultrasound is $5,500," she said.

Anyone wanting to assist Grant can contact her at 876-250-9345 0r 876-442-1485.

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