‘Cops are targeting me’ - Motorist fearing for his life after posting video of cops on social media

November 07, 2019

Christopher Baker, a motorist who recorded police officers giving him a ticket last month, says he is now being targeted by the lawmen.

Baker, in a live video, stated that the police wanted to give him a ticket because the address on his driver's licence is different from where he currently resides.

Speaking with THE STAR earlier this week, Baker, who lives between Westmoreland and St James, said he is now so fearful, he cannot sleep at his home anymore.

Baker who is psychiatric nursing aide at the Savanna-La-Mar hospital, says he has come under pressure from members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)because he posted the video to social media, questioning whether or not the ticket was legal.


"I was on my way to Mandeville to conduct business when the police pulled me over and told me he was looking for guns and drugs and if we had anything to declare. I told him, no and we exited the vehicle. The fitness on my car was up, so I didn't have any problem taking a $3,000 ticket for it, but after he gave me that ticket he called me back to tell me he wasn't finish writing tickets and he was going to write a second ticket to say that my licence has a MoBay address and I lived in Westmoreland," he said.

After refusing to sign the second ticket, Baker then went back into his vehicle and made jokes about the lawman's sex life and virility.

He told THE STAR that days after the incident, he was once again stopped by the same police officers, who he claimed began harassing him.

"I was in a line of traffic and mi see the same police vehicle drive up fast beside mi, and one a the police say, 'hey bwoy, don't move eno' and him rest him gun a mi head, and mi pee up miself same time. Is the first time supm'n like diss a happen inna mi life," he said.

He continued: "Mi nuh involved in wrong doings. Mi never even get lock up. One a dem say 'rasta bwoy you video mi fren, you think you can video police just suh?' so it was like a personal vendetta against me. Him say him ago charge mi for speeding and careless and reckless driving, and mi ask him how him a go do that when he didn't have any speed gun and on top of that I wasn't speeding," the frustrated Baker said.


He said he was then hauled to the Ramble Police Station in Hanover, where he spent at least six hours in his urine-saturated clothes. He was later charged with unlawful use of licence plate, which he did not contest.

Now, in addition to fearing for his life, Baker says he has also lost his partner.

"Mi did do a second video a tell people say dem a target me, and I had my son in my hand in the video. Mi wife blame mi for the video that I make with my little son, and because a that it mash up we relationship. This incident is what separate us, because she a say mi shouldn't expose we child like that, but at the time mi never did a think about that, mi did just want the world to know that I have my kids to live for. Mi have to separate myself from dem because mi nuh want anything reach dem," he said.

Baker is now urging the head of the JCF to intervene.

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