Church leader rejects demand for worshippers to masks

May 12, 2020
Apostle Christene McLean

Apostle Christene McLean, founder of the City of Refuge Endtime Prophetic Ministries in St Ann's Bay, St Ann, last night reacted in dismay to a declaration from Prime Minister Andrew Holness that churchgoers must wear masks when they are in the sanctuary.

"If he's gonna be telling people to wear masks he is saying there is no God, that God cannot deliver the people. When it comes to God's House, people cannot be wearing masks in front of God looking like a terrorist," McLean said.

The self-described prophetess said that God is not pleased with the measures that have been imposed on churches. The Government had initially imposed tough social-distancing measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 disease, which involved the restrction of gatherings to no more than 10 persons in a public space such as the church.

But yesterday, Holness said that effective this Saturday, churches may resume full services but physical distancing must be observed. This means that people should be six feet apart at all times. He also said that everyone must wear a mask in the church and that there must be a programme of sanitisation. The rules also require churches to conduct temperature checks on entry; that no choir is to assemble; and no air-conditioning units are used. He said that the provisions were agreed following a meeting with a representative group of the church last Friday.

God's sanctuary

McLean, however, is particularly irked by the requirement to wear masks. "How can you tell people to wear mask into God's sanctuary? The prime minister needs to step out of the fear that he has and allow the people to walk by faith and not by sight, because God moves by faith," she said.

"If you're telling people to wear mask, then you're saying God who heal people like me from cancer cannot heal COVID virus, so God is absolutely inferior to COVID virus?"

She believes that the wearing of masks is a way to destroy immune systems, which will then force persons to feel compelled to take the vaccine.

"When we constantly wear a mask, we only become sick because we are doing the opposite of what is needed to create immunity from viruses," she said. "When all the components that our body needs to ward off diseases and viruses die out, the vaccine comes into play, but the vaccine carries a chip that carries a radio frequency radiation that can change DNA, disrupt cell metabolism and potentially lead to other diseases."

Scientists around the world have been scrambling to find a vaccine to help protect persons from the novel coronavirus, which caused the COVID-19 disease. Since the disease was discovered in China last December, more than 4.2 million persons around the world have been infected by the virus, which causes respiratory illnesses. Some 285,900 persons have died, and economic activity across the world has slowed tremendously, leading to business closures and massive unemployment as governments impose lockdowns and social-distancing measures to contain the spread of the disease.

McLean, however, feels that the actions being taken represent a desire by governments to impose the mark of the beast on people through vaccination.

"I am here to bring clarity to my fellow Jamaicans about the vaccine that has been embedded with the chip and the 5G technology, all of which is a part of The One World Order," she said

"The coronavirus is an introduction to the mark of the beast, and I'm imploring my fellow Jamaicans not to take the vaccine, neither to take anything that has to do with the 5G technology as our health is more important than the technology,"

It is not the first time that 5G technology is being blamed for the spread of COVID-19, but the World Health Organisation has said that after much research, "no adverse health effect has been causally linked with exposure to wireless technologies".

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