Disabled boys get help

June 18, 2020
Bernadette Baker and her sons Travelle (left) and Shanaldo.
Bernadette Baker and her sons Travelle (left) and Shanaldo.

"I am feeling elated because I didn't know that I would get help, I didn't know that people would ever see my story and reach out to me," an ecstatic Bernadette Baker told THE STAR. It was only a week ago that this newspaper published the story about her struggles as a single mother to provide for her two disabled sons. STAR readers, both local and overseas, have been contacting Baker to pledge their assistance.

"The poor relief officers from Black River came here and somebody from the local government office came as well, and they promised to give me help. I got some Pampers this morning from somebody in my area who saw the article in THE STAR and came by. Another gentleman brought Pampers, too," said Baker.

Diagnosed with scoliosis

Baker has two disabled children. The older, Shanaldo Goodwin, 23, was diagnosed with scoliosis and is mentally challenged. Travelle Vanriel, 16, is autistic and unable to speak.

The Williamsfield, St Elizabeth resident said that they both wear diapers, which she is hardly able to afford, worse now that she is unemployed. Since THE STAR article was published, persons have opened their hearts and pockets to the family.

"Sometimes I use to feel left out, like nobody cares, so I really feel good about it. Not even for me, but especially my boys, because there is nothing that I ask for, for myself. I just want to do more for them so they can be more comfortable than they are now," Baker said.

She told THE STAR that she plans to invest some of the money she has been receiving.

"I'm doing a fowl coop and get some layer chicken. I was doing it before, but it failed because I had to use all the money on my boys. But I'm going to try my best to keep it open this time," she said.

If you want to help Bernadette Baker, you may donate funds to her bank account.

Account #: 894050306

Name: Bernadette Baker

Bank & Branch: NCB,

Santa Cruz

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