Double tragedy for family - Father killed, fire destroys house the next day

August 12, 2020
Maya Robinson’s ravaged home.
Maya Robinson’s ravaged home.
Dennis Blackwood shows his head injury.
Dennis Blackwood shows his head injury.

The only thing on Maya Robinson's mind was funeral arrangements for her father who was shot and killed in their family home in Rae Town on Sunday morning.

But her burdens multiplied on Monday morning, after a fire ravaged the place she called home.

It is reported that about 4 a.m., an adjoining house caught fire, spreading to Robinson's home. Both were destroyed. The Rollington Town Fire Station put out the blaze.

"Right now, I'm not good," she said hoarsely. "My three-year-old daughter did a sleep at the time and I sent away my son because he was the one who found my father. Him did traumatise. Dem kill me fada in a the house, so me couldn't sleep. Me fada was 64 and dem shoot him in a the house Sunday morning."

Robinson said her nephew's insomnia may have been the only reason they weren't burnt alive.

"Me nephew couldn't sleep either and him run come seh fire next door. So when me go outside, me see everything. Me call fire brigade. Me have two kids and everything fi dem gone. Now I am staying at my cousin house. We did a help the neighbour dem at first, but the fire spread and burn down our house," she said.

Dennis Blackwood, who has lived in Rae Town for more than 30 years with his wife, also lost his four-bedroom home.

Just dose off

"Me in a my shop laying down. Me work late and just dose off. Me hear me wife a shout 'fire' and a shout out me name. Me a hear but me a ask me self if a really fire she a seh. Me get up and push the shop door open and when me see the side of the house, a bare flames. When me look up pon the roof, it almost gone already," he told THE STAR.

Blackwood said he filled a bucket but when he threw the water "the fire fly out to me like a gas me throw".

"A so me get a burn in a me head. Something drop dung in a me head and a chip off piece a me shoulder, pon me foot and me back," he said. "We nuh save nothing at all ... nothing couldn't save because the fire did deh pon top, but the greatest thing is that we have life."

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