Single mom prepared to break COVID curfew

December 02, 2020

Janet*, 32, says she hosted her round robin on Monday night in breach of the COVID-19 curfew orders for her children.

Janet, a single mother of three, says Christmas is around the corner and her "pickney dem a fi eat". The 32-year-old hosts an annual Christmas bingo party in the Corporate Area, which is how she generates almost all of her money for the holiday season. This year, COVID or no COVID, she is determined to have it.

"We know seh COVID deh bout yes, but dem ina dem office wid them government work and a set curfew time and orders ... a nuh all a we have work secure," she said. "A nuh Government employ all a we, so nuff a we lose our work from April and May. So we caa just siddung and a seh curfew dis, curfew dat. How we a go eat and tek care a we pickney dem?"

Since COVID-19 reached Jamaican shores in March, the Government has put in various measures, including the nightly islandwide curfew, to help stem the virus' spread. For December, the curfew hours run from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily, except for the public holidays. On Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, the curfew will commence at 7 p.m.

Janet says her children depend on her and she can't let them down, especially at Christmas time.

My pickney dem wah eat ham

"After politicians nah walk through the community dem and gi weh ham and pork. My pickney dem wah eat ham Christmas morning so me a fi go work fi dat. Rules a fi go bruck. Bingo nuh play a day ... nobody nah siddung ina nuh sun and mark book. So it did a fi be a night thing when the people dem bathe and come out fi relax," she reasoned.

Janet also argues that promoters are being pressured to host events.

"People might hear seh people a keep party and think seh we a run dung money, but dem nuh know seh people a bawl fi di likkle vibes. From last month people a call me and a ask if me a go keep me bingo party down ina December," she said. "Me is a girl weh all have my flyers up from September and everybody know bout my bingo. People come yah and all win mattress. So, a something weh di people dem a look out fah."

*Name changed

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