COVID-19 rating won’t hurt Jamaica – Seiveright

April 07, 2021

Though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed Jamaica as a level four country in terms of COVID-19, senior adviser and strategist in the Ministry of Tourism Delano Seiveright said this will not deter tourist arrivals.

The rating means the CDC recommends persons should avoid travelling to the island to guard against the rampant COVID-19 virus.

"As the case is now there is an increase in the number of Americans who are visiting Jamaica and some who have already made bookings to visit Jamaica and it will remain the same," said Seiveright.

Make their own decisions

"Many Americans despite the travel advisories over the years that have impacted many countries around the globe have made their own decisions as it relates to travel," he said. "Many folks around the world also make their own decisions based on their own analysis of the situation before deciding on where to vacation."

Other Caribbean countries such as Barbados and the Dominica Republic were also listed under level four. The CDC rating suggests persons are at high risk for persons to not only contract coronavirus but other COVID-19 related illnesses.

"It is important to note that the level four categorisation by the CDC is in the alignment that a lot of other countries in the world have been given and all are at level four just like Jamaica. Very few countries are at level one and two so the level four categorisation is in line with what had existed before," Seiveright said.

The CDC listed Jamaica as a level three restricted country of travel in March 2020. Level three advised that travel to listed countries was done only for essentials. Meanwhile, Seiveright urged visitors to the island to be cognisant of the COVID-19 protocols.

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