Young woman needs eye surgery

May 19, 2021
Brittney Hibbert
Brittney Hibbert

Brittney Hibbert, like many other 20-year-olds, is ambitious and has plans of achieving her goals in the near future. However, she is worried that her plan to become a doctor might not come to fruition as she is slowly going blind.

Brittney now suffers from a rare eye condition, keratoconus, which she was diagnosed with at age 12, but it has worsened over the years.

Keratoconus occurs when the cornea in the eye becomes thin and gradually pushes outwards into a cone shape. The irregular shape causes blurred vision and may progress to an advanced stage which leads to blindness.

Being concerned about her future, the current Distinction College student is seeking assistance to undergo a J$2-million surgery that has been recommended to save her sight. She needs a cornea transplant in both of her eyes.

"I'm scared of getting blind because I just know my life will be different. I just want to complete my nursing course so I can be able to help myself and my family, because it is not easy for us already," she told THE STAR .

She revealed that it was only since last year that she decided to take another chance at getting a career as her eye condition previously hindered her.

"I left high school without any CXC because of my eyes. I couldn't really see the board and for certain subjects I have to see what the teacher was working out. Is just last year me decide to try again and me start school again because me parents manage to get some contacts and they helping me a bit," she said

Her drive to become a nurse

"I'm doing online classes at Distinction now, and I force myself to read the notes and replay the recordings of the classes over and over and just listen," she added

The Treadlight, May Pen, Clarendon resident told THE STAR that her drive of wanting to become a nurse is to simply return the love and assistance she has received.

"Based on how my friends and family have always treated me, I want to do the same for other people. When I was in high school my friends always make sure I got home safe. They always try to help me in school when I couldn't see the board also," said Brittney.

Her family is already struggling to finance her journey through school, and the surgery is simply too much on their plate.

"We have it hard already, but me just can't just sit around and watch me daughter life just go like that and nuh try fi help," Agustus Hibbert, Brittney's father, told THE STAR.

"Anything we can get now will help we a lot," he added.

Brittney said that a date for the surgery has not yet been set as the hospital requires at least a 50 per cent deposit before proceeding.

"If I get the surgery, life would be very easier, and it will be easy on my parents because they are stressing to find the money now," Brittney said.

Agustus Hibbert may be contacted via telephone at (876) 319-9783. Donation may be made to his account at the National Commercial Bank: Account number: 564744875, May Pen branch.

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