Seven-week-old baby dies in hospital

May 26, 2021
Tiziana Blake
Tiziana Blake

After her first miscarriage, Trishauna Watson decided to make a second attempt at being a mom, and she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl on March 31.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, Watson was forced to say goodbye to her seven-week-old infant last Thursday, May 20.

Her daughter, who she named Tiziana Blake, was transferred from the Black River Hospital in St Elizabeth to the Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC) in St Andrew on April 29 to undergo surgery as she was not able to breastfeed. Watson, 21, believes Tiziana died at the BHC because there were no ventilators available to assist with her breathing complications.

"When I got to the hospital the doctor said her oxygen level and her blood going down and if she continue she will need a ventilator. Then me see them doing CPR on her because no ventilator was available at the hospital, none was at UHWI or Cornwall (Regional) either," she cried.

Urinary tract infection

The distraught mother said she was later informed that baby Tiziana had developed a urinary tract infection which was too far advanced for her body to conquer.

"I saw Tizzy the day before (she died) and she was doing okay. Her surgery went well and she was recovering nicely. So how comes my baby is not alive? How? she questioned. Watson said that losing her daughter resurrected some harrowing memories from her first experience with childbirth.

"I had a miscarriage at three months so this would be my first baby alive and now she gone. Me can't even manage to think about it because I can't stop crying," she said. "Me really just trying to stay strong because I was hoping to have this baby home. I still have so many stuff I bought for her, barrel and suitcase full of clothes and all."

Camille Panton, CEO of the BHC, expressed sadness at Watson's loss, but told THE STAR that "since I don't have the necessary information to work with, I am unable to comment on the matter". She encouraged Watson to contact the patient affairs department at the BHC "where the matter can be properly investigated".

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