Chuck Fenda ‘bun out’ all ‘gun johncrow’

October 14, 2021
Chuck Fenda
Chuck Fenda

Cultural artiste Chuck Fenda is 'bunning out' all gunmen in his single, Gun Johncrow, and he is sending an appeal to those artistes who continue to do gun lyrics to cease and desist because it is "mashing up the head of the youths".

The entertainer is lamenting last Thursday's gun slaying of five-year-old Denique Salmon, in New Haven in Duhaney Park, St Andrew. She was hit by a stray bullet during a gunfight between rival gangs.

"This innocent baby was at the safest place she knew, at home with her family in her bed, and yet a gunman's bullet ended her life in the early morning. How sad and unfair and unnecessary is that?" he asked.

Chuck Fenda said that he was not pointing fingers at any artiste in particular, but said entertainers should really examine their lyrics.

"Because, despite what some persons keep on saying, we know that music has a positive and a negative effect. The lyrics that glorify the gun contribute to making gunmen even more vicious," he said.

Chuck Fenda is still filled with the zeal of a newly converted Christian. More than a decade and a half ago, he decided to ditch gun lyrics in exchange for songs that are more uplifting and has even warned, through his lyrics, of this same scenario of innocent babies being slain by the gun.

He pointed out that Gun Johncrow is just one of several recently released tracks that tackle violence head-on.

"I started as a dancehall artiste and my biggest tune early in my career was (Shut Yu Mouth When) Badman Talking. I know for a fact that when I went into the dance and heard that particular song, it gave me the feeling to get a gun and clean it up and have it ready. So, it must have had a similar effect on other listeners, especially the younger ones. That's why I asked every selector to bruk up all Chuck Fenda gun songs, don't play dem," he explained.

Fenda says he is "on a path of righteousness fi di Almighty" and is confident that "music has the power to heal the world".

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