Coaches plan revival of Summer Basketball League

June 16, 2016
Ludlow Barker

After years of planning, Calabar's coach, Ludlow Barker, and his long-time associate, former Calabar teammate Michael Williams were finally able to realise their dreams when they launched their dream project for local basketball, the Coaches Summer League (CSL).

The CSL is an Under-16 tournament created to assist the development of basketball at the youth level and to provide another avenue for young talent to earn scholarships.

Barker told STAR Sports they have a bigger and better tournament in store this summer.

"Last year improved the game at that age group. Some of them, like Jordon Kellier (Calabar), even got scholarships overseas, so we are trying to build the game from the ground up, because when the kids come into high school at 13, that is very late for them to start playing," Barker said.


He added that the ideal age to start is between six and nine years old.

"But it was not being introduced, so we have them training two and three times a week as it would be at a time before any real basketball would be playing, so we have them playing basketball right through the summer," he added.

The league will run from June 25 to July 30.

The champion of the respective conferences will play a grand finale on September 3.

"We have to split Southern into two zones because of the overwhelming response, but I think basketball can only be better from it," said Barker.

"We continue to build and every day we get more persons involved ... everyone love how it (tournament) is organised and how it was run, and we are trying to make it better as we go along."

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