Byfield fires up St George’s programme


June 20, 2016
File Orville Byfield ... to head St George's College's track and field programme.

As things heat up for the nation's senior athletes in track and field with Rio 2016 just around the corner, so too is the athletics team at St George's College.

With the newly-appointed coach, Orville Byfield, about to take lead of the team, much is expected.

Byfield is very passionate about the sport, having strong affiliation for the past 16 years, during which he obtained an International Association of Athletics Federations Level Five coaching diploma in California

"My plan is to help St George's College to become an elite centre for excellence in sports, in particular track and field, with its Old Boys as its biggest support group. This will take a collaborative effort from the St George's College Old Boys, both locally and in the diaspora, to deal with the different aspects of development of its young men, especially those considered to be at risk," said Byfield.

He went on to state that even though track and field is the main priority, he is also looking to see the team excel academically.

"It is my desire to see St George's College boys excelling at all levels in both academics and sports. When they leave St George's College they should be well rounded men, ready to take on the challenges of the society while making a meaningful contribution to nation building," said Byfield.

He added: "My main goal for the St George's College track programme is to create a track and field culture and ultimately to see St George's College in the top five position in the next 3-5 years in the Boys and Girls' Championships.

"However, all of this must be carefully planned and executed over time, with all stakeholders on board," he ended.


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