Seido Karate Annual international tournament tomorrow


June 24, 2016

It all springs into action at the University of Technology (UTech) auditorium tomorrow as martial artists from overseas and the best of Jamaican martial artists showcase their skills at the Annual Seido Karate International Tournament, celebrating 40 years of Seido Karate in Jamaica.

The best martial artists will be on show, including Jamaica, and international champions from the still undefeated Combined Martial Arts Team, which has rocked the world with its skills for the last nine years.

Former Grand Champion Paul Williams from New York Seido arrived in the island on Monday and is ready and raring to go.

Williams, known for his powerful body punches, which have left many competitors wincing in pain, has great plans to regain his title, which he lost last year.

However, many other hopefuls plan to grab the spotlight and be crowned Grand Champion at this prestigious tournament.

Competitors such as Christopher Sinclair of New York Seido, who is the two-time current Grand Champion of the New York Seido Tournament Nicholas Dussard; Eric Wanliss; the McDowell brothers; and reigning female Grand Champion Subrina Richards from Taekwondo; plus many-times champion Shakeema Cunningham should get stiff competition from the rising stars who are hungry to make their mark on the martial arts scene.

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