Street Style Football kicks off tomorrow


June 24, 2016

St Elizabeth:

It is finally here as Jamaican freestyle footballers will get a chance to showcase their skills and qualify to represent themselves and Jamaica at the global Red Bull Street Style football competition in London later this year.

Red Bull Street Style is a global contest that aims to find the best over-all freestyle soccer player in the world. The sport of freestyle soccer is free and has many styles of players. This format is designed to pay equal weight to both aspects and elements of the game - technical, and style. The most diverse, technical, and stylish player will be crowned Red Bull Street Style World Champion, and for the first time in 2016, the official Freestyle Soccer World Champion.

Competition format include: head-to-head/one-on-one battles, giving each participant the chance and platform to showcase and compete; one ball, two players - three minutes; each athlete/ baller performing for maximum 30 seconds before passing the ball; three judging elements three Judges (one element per judge); variety control (technical) ;Style - (energy and rhythm), and mix with music/Live DJ. Interaction with music is part of judging the Style element.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. and closes at noon.

Competition kicks off at 12 o'clock for the qualifying rounds on the grounds of the St Elizabeth Technical High School, where contestants from Clarendon, St Elizabeth, Mandeville, and Westmoreland will participate.

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