Red Stripe Grand Stand - No knowing Rio weather


August 11, 2016
@Normal:The forecast isn't promising too many improvements in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, over the next few days, with a lot of rain and chilly, cloudy conditions expected until Sunday.


The Rio de Janeiro weather is as diverse as the Brazil landscape.

Not quite as dramatic as the famed British weather, but its bipolar characteristics have been the source of conversations and jokes among folks who have made the trip to the South American jewel.

It's quite normal to wake up late to heat wave-type conditions that force you to throw on your favourite shorts, only to be hit with a chilly gust, which, if it isn't already too late, sends you scampering for something that offers far greater cover.

considerably cold

It is the winter period in Brazil, but no, not THAT type of winter.

You're probably thinking about Santa Claus and snow. It does get considerably cold, especially at night, but the temperature is generally around the 16oC mark ! that is until it decides, out of nowhere to be 23o in its typically indecisive way.

It hasn't exactly been bikini weather over the past couple of days, with a sweater virtually being a necessity at most points throughout the day.

Quite annoying for those of us who travelled here with the hope of near constant sunshine and the warmth that we almost blindly associate with Brazilian weather.

many improvements

The forecast isn't promising too many improvements over the next few days either, with a lot of rain and chilly, cloudy conditions expected until Sunday, two days after track and field starts, when temperatures will rise closer to 30oC.

The people are much warmer, and that, perhaps, has been the best feature of the Games so far. It's hard to find a Brazilian who isn't wearing a smile, always helpful, welcoming and ready to share a laugh.

It's something we are all looking forward to ! enjoying the people's charm as much as we enjoy their country and the Games itself.

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