Olympic Schedule


August 12, 2016
@Normal:Janieve Russell runs during a training session with MVP athletes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Track and field

Time Gender Round

7:30 a.m. W Discus Throw Qualification Group A

7:35 a.m. W 100 Metres Hurdles Heptathlon

8:05 a.m. W Shot Put Qualification

8:10 a.m. M 800 Metres Heats

8:50 a.m. W High Jump Heptathlon

8:55 a.m. M Discus Throw Qualification Group B

9:10 a.m. W 10,000 Metres Final

9:55 a.m. W 100 Metres - No J'cans Preliminary Round

12:30 p.m. M 20 Kilometres Race Walk Final

6:30 p.m. W 1500 Metres Heats

6:35 p.m W Shot Put Heptathlon

6:40 p.m. W Hammer Throw Qualification Group A

7:05 p.m. M 400 Metres Heats

7:20 p.m. M Long Jump Qualification

8:00 p.m. W Shot Put Final

8:05 p.m. W 200 Metres Heptathlon

8:10 p.m. W Hammer Throw Qualification Group B

8:40 p.m. W 100 Metres Heats

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