Blake fan is one in a 'Milleon'


August 13, 2016
Yohan Blake


When Yohan Blake takes the track in the men's 100m and 200m he will have a famous fan in the stands, with luxury watch Richard Mille, the same man whose name is on his new US$1 million dollar watch.

Mille signed the Jamaican to his luxury brand, which also features tennis star Rafael Nadal, Formula 1's Felipe Massa and golfer Bubba Watson, weeks before the London 2012 Olympics and delivered the latest hand-crafted timepiece to the Jamaican star on Thursday, just ahead of Blake's 100m heat today.

The Frenchman highlighted his association with Blake and shared the reasons behind the support.

"I will be there to support Yohan in the 100m and 200m... I think I will have to leave before the 4x100m."

The custom watch features white bands with green stitching, a green and gold case with signature Richard Mille construction as well as a black bezel plus a black dial with skeleton movements and gold accents.

very technical

"I wanted to do in the case of this watch, the Jamaican colours. It was not easy because its very technical material, carbon fiber and quartz. I wanted to include some gold leaves and it has been a nightmare to make the thing work but I love that, the new watch is amazing," said Mille.

"The objective was to do a watch that was extremely resistant, light and very comfortable, we achieved that and for him the watch is like a second skin. It feels very well on the wrist and I like to do watches that are in one sense complex but also very resistant and comfortable," he added.

The businessman said Blake's rise as the future of sprints, Jamaica's appeal and the athlete's personality were all big draws and influences behind the decision to partner with the athlete.

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