Rista: I will give it my best shot


August 17, 2016
Ristananna Tracey (right) clearing the last barrier in her 400 metres hurdles semi-final in Rio de Janeiro. Tracey advanced to the final after placing second in 54.80 seconds behind Czech Republic's Zuzana Hejnova (right) who won in 54.55.


Jamaican 400m hurdler Ristananna Tracey says she is confidently looking forward to her first final at the senior international level after booking a lane in the medal round at the 2016 Olympic Games last night.

Tracey is a part of history as for the first time in the Olympics, three Jamaicans will compete in the women's 400m hurdles final with Janieve Russell and Leah Nugent also securing their spots.

"It was my main goal getting to the final, so I'm just going to rest up and come out and give it my best shot," said Tracey after her 54.80 second-place run in last night's semis.

The final will run off tomorrow at 8:15 p.m. Jamaica time.

"I'm definitely confident about my chances in the final. We are all going to be running the same amount of metres. I am human and so are they. I have two legs and they have two legs so we will see," added Tracey, who is the highest qualifier among the Jamaicans with the fourth best time going into the final.

"I think it was a poorly executed race, but, nonetheless, despite this, I still made it into the final so I'm grateful," she added. "I'll look back at the race and see what I need to work on for the final."

Tracey shared that as part of her efforts to improve following a couple disappointments, she dropped over 10 pounds. She is coached by Sprintec's Maurice Wilson, who is also the technical leader of Jamaica's team here.

- Andre Lowe

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