Red Stripe Grandstand - GO for GOLD winners gain celebrity status in Brazil


August 18, 2016
Go for Gold winners pose with NBC's Billy Bush (centre) during a tour of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Jamaicans have the uncanny ability to enter a space and completely dominate. Our infectious and vibrant spirit exudes confidence, resilience and pride. We draw people in and somehow, without even uttering a word we make them stop and take notice.

Our GO for GOLD winners in Brazil were no exception to this unwritten rule of authentic 'Jamaican-ness'. Decked out in the vibrant colours of the Jamaican flag, they invaded the streets of Rio de Janeiro eliciting an equally vibrant response from the people they encountered on their daily tours. Their irresistible joie de vivre managed to catch the attention of Billy Bush, reporter on NBC's 'Today Show', during their tour of the Christ the Redeemer statue.

So captivated by the group was Bush that he hastened to share the story live on the show. The rest, they say, is history because immediately as the show aired, their friends and family back in Jamaica started sending text messages that they were on TV.

Reshima Kelly, assistant brand manager of Red Stripe, said that, "It was truly an honour for him to have engaged us like that simply because we are Jamaicans and for what Jamaica represents to the world at this moment in history".

Known for birthing superstars of the track, Jamaica continues to make waves across the globe. The world takes notice and this undeniable impact of our country has been made even more real to our winners through this experience.

Delroy Daley, one of the five GO for GOLD winners, relayed his personal experience of having his 15 minutes of fame. Constantly being mistaken for the fastest sprinter in the world, an amused Daley said, "It's so funny because we look nothing alike, but Brazilians and tourists stop me in the streets and ask for pictures and autographs. They chant Bolt, and I know it's simply because they see the Jamaican colours and want to be associated with the Jamaican brand."

The 20-member group is committed to leaving the mark of the 'island in the sun' on Brazil as our Jamaican athletes continue to grab the world's attention for the rest of the week.

Like our athletes, and Jamaicans all across the world, our GO for GOLD winners are ambassadors for Jamaica. They now have a very real and intriguing story to tell just how influential we are as a nation.

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