CTL fires 16 workers


August 23, 2016

Caymanas Track Limited (CTL) has dismissed 16 workers from its engineering department.

CTL said the workers walked off the job on Thursday, August 11, causing an abandonment of the afternoon's overseas racing and, subsequently, a cancellation of the weekend's 12-race local programme on August 13.

Speaking with The Gleaner/Power 106 yesterday, managing director of CTL, Shane Dalling, said the managers agreed to fire the workers because they had lost confidence in them.

Last Friday, the Ministry of Labour met with the Union of Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Personnel (UTASP) which represents the workers and the managers of Caymanas Park in an effort to resolve the issue and the decision to fire the workers was taken after that meeting.

"The ministry asked that we have a meeting at the local level and if there is a dispute or an issue between the parties then we could return. Well I didn't consider that there was an issue at that time because the workers were just asked to stay off the job until further notice at full pay. The management has subsequently taken a decision to dismiss the workers," Dalling said.

Last week, Dalling told STAR Sports that the government-owned horse-racing promoting company is convinced its computer system was the target of sabotage. CTL said 'crucial files' were missing from the master and back-up systems at the race track.


However, responding to that allegation, Howard Litchmore, negotiating officer, UTASP, said last week that the workers, "to the best of their knowledge", knew of no missing files.

"Myself, along with workers, had a meeting with management on Friday (August 12) because of a dispute they had with some training they wanted to take place in the department. The workers thought it wasn't discussed fully.

"After the meeting, we asked them to return to work. However, they were instructed by the management of CTL to return on Monday because they said there was some sabotage by the workers and had called in Cybercrime to investigate," said Litchmore.

"When they turned up on Monday, they were given a letter saying they were to remain home, with full pay, until further instructed by management," he added.

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