Rusea’s in search of record equaling 11th title


September 10, 2016

If there is one thing that can be said about Rusea's High School football coach Aaron Lawrence, it's that he is never short on optimism.

Lawrence is now in his third year coaching the 10-time daCosta Cup winners and as customary, he lacks no faith nor optimism about his team's chances.

"We expect to win this year," he said.

"We have retained approximately 80 per cent of our squad from last year and now we are just bubbling in anticipation of our first match on Thursday, September 15 against Green Island. That will be an exceptional match between two of the stronger teams in the zone," Lawrence said.

keen rivalry

Rusea's have been drawn again in Zone E along with another rival, 2003 winners Frome Technical, Knockalva High, Merlene Ottey High and Green Island.

Last year, the experienced attacking midfielder Deshane Beckford proved vital, before they crashed out at the quarter-final stage of the competition and with Beckford not in a position to participate in the early round of the competition following surgery on his troublesome groin muscle, Lawrence is unshaken in his team's prognosis. He said while it would serve them better having the talented Beckford fit and ready for the start of the campaign but reasoned his squad is deep enough to counter the challenge that will be posed by rivals until the West Ham United academy prospect heals sufficiently.

"At Rusea's there is this culture that I love and that is, we all can do great things together and that has been the case the many times the school have won the title and will be again when we claim it for the eleventh time in our history," cited Lawrence.

Rusea's last won the title in 2011.


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