Striker Shelton back to boost Harbour View


October 29, 2016
Luton Shelton

Former national striker Luton Shelton's is back at Harbour View FC and this has boosted the morale of the team after a slow start in the Red Stripe Premier League 2016-17 season.

Shelton who previously represented the Stars of the East from 2003-06, before moving overseas on a contract, returned home four weeks ago and was included in the squad. He was expected to play against Montego Bay United two weeks ago, but picked up a groin injury and was sidelined.

He is in the recovery mode and could play early next month.

The 30 year-old Shelton is also expected to turn around the fortunes of Harbour View. Bernard who coached Shelton as a pre-teen and teenager says that his presence in training is a motivational factor for his struggling team.

"Since he (Shelton) has been back, the confidence in the team has stepped up. He looked good in training but received a groin injury. However, he should be back in about two weeks," Bernard told STAR Sports on Thursday.

record goal scorer

Shelton who is Jamaica's record goal scorer on 35 goals from 75 appearances, last represented the island three years ago. He is out of contract and expected to remain here until the next international transfer window opens in January.

Bernard also revealed that key players such as Hugh Evans, captain John-Ross Edwards and Nicholas Beckett are now playing after missing preseason training during the summer.

With regards to some players who were away, Bernard said: "We had to apply some sanctions to players who were unavailable in preseason. We don't wish to identify them."

"That is behind us now, and the team has moved on and looking better. We played against Humble Lion on Thursday, and despite a 1-1 draw, we played our best game so far this season," Bernard said.

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