New Kingston FC tries to cope after Mighty loss

January 05, 2017

New Kingston FC head coach Geoffrey Maxwell says that it will be difficult to get over the passing of club president David Mighty, but he is confident the team will bounce back and continue on its course to the Major League title.

Mighty, who appointed Maxwell last month, died of a heart attack on Saturday night at a New Year's Eve party.

The team has been in a sombre mood since the incident but Maxwell says they are still focused on success.

"We just have to go and win it [the league] for Toby (Mighty)," he said.

"I think everybody is a little reserved. As far as the team is concerned, one could see where there is a sort of emotional restraint, but we have a game come Saturday and we just have to try and rearrange their whole thinking capacity so they can handle the game."

Maxwell said he could see what he describes as a "glare" in the players' eyes, that they are prepared to commit themselves to playing their game against hosts Mountain View FC at the weekend.

This will be his second game in charge of the side. The first ended in a 1-1 draw with Seaview Gardens just before the Christmas break.

However, he says he is pleased that his players did not let the distractions of the holidays get the better of them.


"I didn't see anything that could discourage (them) from playing. There was a sort of laid-back training, and I think one could say that there was a higher level of interest in preparing themselves for an important win. We train again (today) and that will tell me exactly where the focus is as well."

Maxwell has been affected personally by the loss of Mighty. He says the players saw Mighty as a father figure, and describes him as a good friend from their days at Santos FC.

"I went to check on his mom the other day, just to see where everybody's mind is. To see the sadness on the faces of people who visited her the same day and the younger players, not fully understanding the emotional factor that has been left behind."

However, Maxwell hopes that things will soon be back to normal at the club.

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