Maverley in turmoil - Administrator points at president

May 04, 2017

DEMOTED from the Premier League after one tumultuous season, Maverley-Hughenden have been left in turmoil with president Craig Walters in baggage claim and the club on autopilot, according to administrator Shanett Stewart.

"His plan is to step down, he plans to resign," Stewart told STAR Sports. "He said it in a personal conversation. He probably said it to other directors, but I don't know of an official meeting and him saying that to us as a group. Mr Walters was everything but, at this time I really don't know who is in charge," she added.

Stewart claimed that Walters' mismanagement and stubbornness resulted in Maverley's relegation. She is even more incensed that since their demotion Walters has abandoned the club with no one particularly in charge.

Walters, who was a picture of dejection after Maverley were ousted, said he has not formally resigned but was instead being reflective.

"No, I have not resigned. I don't know, it's a reflecting process, and if that time comes, it comes, but I might be here for the next five years, as well as I might not, but I don't know now," he said.


Ignoring major concerns


Stewart said though Walters brought structure and influence to the club blamed his autocratic ways and ignoring major concerns as reasons for their downfall.

"He sold an idea, they trusted and followed him, but he started doing things his own way. It became his team. When you disagreed with him he snubbed you and did not listen or take advice," she said.

However, Walters insisted there's a process for decision making and the club did everything to limit negative publicity that haunted them all season.


Every decision


"We did our best but I believe that there were other things we should have done. We have a body and every decision that was made went through that body. At no time was any decision made wholly and solely by me," he countered.

Stewart is concerned that other board members Walters had carried to the club will follow him out, straining its already meagre resources, although she believes the sooner he declares his position will be the better. "The club cannot manage too long on auto pilot," she reasoned.

"He is waiting on funds from the Premier League Clubs Association to pay bills, players and whatever else there is, then call it a day, but PLCA are not sure when we are going to get that, and I am not really sure when he is going to make an announcement and let us stop speculating," she said.

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