We'll fight in court - Tsetsi vows to battle Leblond's appeal

May 04, 2017
Dave Leblond (right) goes toe to toe with Tsetsi Davis during their Contender Series match at the Chinese Benevolent Association Auditorium last week. Davis won the bout on a split decision, which upset many spectators.


TSETSI 'Lights Out' Davis said he will head to court should Canadian boxer Dave Leblond be granted a rematch on appeal in the Contender Series.

Leblond lost to Davis in their first-round match three weeks ago and has appealed the decision on grounds of egregious judging.

Davis is offended by the possibility of having to fight an extra match, citing the physical implications for his body.

"If anything, we gonna take it to court, simple," Davis told STAR Sports.

"If dem (Leblond's team) gonna make a big thing out of it, we take it to court because I know I won the fight. They judged the fight in my favour. I'm not supposed to fight a guy two time. I'm not proving anything. I won the fight!

"If you listen to (Floyd) Mayweather, is not how you win the fight, as long as you win the fight. Trust me, bredren, if dem want a big deal, dem get a big deal," he added.

Davis is still aggrieved at having to hand over his earnings from the bout, a fine for not making weight. He said it would compound the issue if he is made to compete in a rematch and lose.

"Then them have to give me back my money then, because I fight free that night. How my money would go then? I went in the ring, lose my purse to the guy, nobody have any sympathy with me and say anything.

"I have four kids to feed. If it was that money I was depending on to feed them, them woulda dead fi hungry, " he added.

Davis has been feeling hard done by, even before Leblond's pending appeal and having to forfeit his purse. He is still seething after being put out of the competition last year due to a cut he had received from a headbutt by Richard Frog Holmes in their semi-final bout.

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